Monthly Archives: October 2015

How To Get Motivated… and Stay Disciplined

The subject of this article is about a touchy subject to a lot of guitar players… Motivation, discipline, and practice habits.  It’s touchy because too many people are being excessively hard on themselves. But before we even get started, I want to make a bet that we’re going to suggest a solution that’s very different than you might […]

How To Improvise Blues Guitar… Step 1

Did you know that no matter what brand of guitar you play, how many effects you use, or whether your amp is solid state or tube, that you already have your own guitar style?  In fact, haven’t you heard someone say that the “tone is in your fingertips”? If so… and… if you play Blues… have you […]

Learn to play Eric Clapton Crossroads Video

Check out this video teaching you how to play Eric Clapton “Crossroads”.  This is actually a very good representation.  This guy is really good at mimicking the sound and style of Eric Clapton. He’ll walk you through the intro, and first solo – which are the most memorable for showing off 😉